Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dark ocean~

I swam in the ocean of love,
tranquil  was the feeling,
deeper I swam,
more chilled was my soul.
Middle of ocean,
where to head,
saw a light in a distance,
unworkable to reach,
sadden was solo soul.

Mashutzo Writes.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Drowned in words...

Was Drowned yet was happy,
How fool of me,
That i was drinking disappointments,
Now i see,
I passed through all,
I stay amazed,
Then wonder, 
Perhaps Angels borrowed me their wings till Now.

Mashutzo writes.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014


There I stood by you with my black boots on,
somehow a bit similar to yours,
I wonder if we belong to a common world in anyway,
‘May be’ was the only consoling word I had.
You walked,
I walked,
we walked,
I found the invisible distance in-between.
I widen my steps to walk with you,
my soul smiled secretly the time,
when you gestured to stay with me,
Happy was my soul.
You looked down the city combing your hair with your fingertips,
when I watched our shoulders leaning one another,
you were busy lightening your cigarette,
when I whispered my wishes with the sunset.
We, lost in our world of dilemma,
searched for words to bring up time,
when the silence spoke more than words,
lifting our eyebrows,
was all we did.
The chilled wind bounded the evening,
when the comfort created the romance,
and the romance wrapped around the fingertips,
it rolled so perfectly,
that I only remember the playful touch.
Maybe this is what people call love,
And maybe this is what I call a touch of romance.

Mashutzo Writes.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

single weeping soul...

photograph-> dolka a serene view from chiwang Monastery, solu.

A weeping soul,
there she was,
with those runny eyes,
her legs tied in mystified world,
the more she struggle to liberate herself,
the other soreness she experienced,
she was nothing than an expert in déjà vu pains,
there left no substitute for her,
than being patient in the pain,
and those were all in vain.

Mashutzo writes.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

perhaps you can relate then...

Only if I had a good voice,
I would sing all my feelings out,
expressions of emotions,
warmth of love,
heart wrenching feelings,
would drop every single words in a song,
and touch your cold hearted soul,
perhaps you can understand then.
But it’s comical how I can’t sing,
and how you can’t read my feelings,
this is how the distance simply appears,
perhaps you can understand the difference then.
Its not your fault,
nor its mine,
it’s the fault of our stubborn choices,
and so our stubborn attitude,
which dragged us in a space,
where I can’t make you hear my songs,
and perhaps you can’t read my feelings…

Mashutzo Writes.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

trapped eyes in the darkness....

There it was,
an empty room,
an empty space,
Moved here and there,
found nothing,
only smokes and darkness,
where I could hardly see anything.
It was shadowy that ended up seeing only eyes,
they sparkled,
they said stories,
they listened,
they were the Eyes of dreams,
searching the meaning of Life,
trying to console self,
everything will be alright,
But it was nothing but a lie,
spreading in the space of the empty room.
The eyes dropped tears of disappointment.
And settled there for another hope,
another hope to get the answers,
answers of the unknown pain,
which was piercing deep within the heart,
scratching its all skin out.

Mashutzo writes.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

everything changed, unknown me.....

i am glad i made this Trip, will remember it for a long long time. Totally Productive Thought.

Breathing the good day’s air is an incredible feeling,
I bow my head and thanked God for all the good and bad,
its seems difficult to believe how things changed,
without even making me realize how it all changed.

Mashutzo Writes.
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